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Casual style

One Swedish woman writer wrote: "She bought clothing for herself, not like she was felt yourself this moment but how she would like to be". Clothes – it is our «selfimprovisation», the way how we want to show ourselves every day. Thereby, casuals should be stylish, nice and to be in line with the latest trends of fashion. Comfort, made of natural and seminatura fabrics clothes should fit you, accentuate your individual beauty and inborn sense of style. We hope that reasonably priced and accessible collections of Belorussian companies in our internet shop «NEWMODA», will help you to find your own style. Casual but distinguished and elegant style dresses and suits made of «Ivelta Plus» company, trousers and blouses from company «Lenata», tricksy and youth clothes of brand «Prio» are placed your emphasis and spontaneity of your style.

  • 30 марта 2015 г.
  • Автор Алла Рудь

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